Preparing your home for sale, some dos and don’ts

Home staging doesn’t have to be an expensive, but some attention to detail and perhaps some money spent in repairs or minor updates could add value to your property and will most certainly reduce your time on the market.
When you are getting ready to put your home on the market it is wise to take a good look at your house and yard with an OBJECTIVE opinion because that is how the buyer will view your home.
Overall landscape: check plants that need trimming or replacing. If the driveway or walkway is stained or cracked, consider a new surface since this is the front and the first impression.
The Front door should look good. Replace old hardware and repaint if needed.
Inside the cheapest and most significant thing you can do is de-clutter and deep clean the whole house. Kitchens and bathrooms need special attention to cleanliness. Have windows cleaned.
Remove your collections of treasures and store them somewhere else.
Eliminate any odors in your house. Don’t use plug in deodorizers.
Brighten up areas with better lighting. Repair or replace broken or torn blinds.
Move furniture to create better flow and get rid of extra furniture that doesn’t fit.
You want the buyers to see your property as well maintained and clean.

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