The Senior Citizen’s Guide to Moving

Hello, When its time to move there is just so much to think about and do. This was published by “Hire a Helper”. I think you will find lots of good information.   The Senior Citizen’s Guide to Moving   By the time most people hit retirement, they start thinking about their forever home. For you, it may be time to choose where you will grow old and make new memories. Moving as a senior will often require downsizing into a home that is smaller, safer and easier to maintain. The process involves getting rid of things that may hold… Read More

What will Homes look like in a Post-pandemic World?

What Will Homes Look Like In A Post-pandemic World? A lot has changed in just a few months, and for many that includes the idea of what a ‘dream home’ looks like. Not long ago, buyers were showing preference toward smaller homes and open concept spaces conducive to gathering. After a few months cooped up inside, those features don’t seem so appealing – and developers have taken note. “While the coronavirus still rages on, it’s hard to predict what post-pandemic abodes might look like,” according to Barrons. “Developers around the U.S. are already rethinking projects, anticipating residents’ needs and preferences that… Read More

Tucson Ranks #1 in U.S. in Google Search for “Homes for Sale” Since COVID-19

From an article in BizTucson magazine (May 20th,2020) with research from LendingTree on Google searches for “Homes For Sale”. Looks like Tucson recently became a very popular place to search “Homes For Sale” on Google. One way to tract buyer interest is by the number of internet searches.  Since the Covid-19 outbreak Americans are spending time searching “Homes For Sale” and Tucson tops the list right now. 10 Metros With the Largest Spikes in Google Searches The following cities have seen the largest increases in Google searches for the term “homes for sale” since reaching a 2020 low earlier this… Read More

Has COVID-19 put an end to the hand shake?

The Corona Virus pandemic has changed many of our behaviors for now and perhaps for the future too.   The hand shake has been the universal greeting for social and business interactions for so long it just feels natural to put your hand out.  What will we do now that the health experts have suggested we stop shaking hands?  Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has said: “I don’t think we should ever shake hands ever again. … We’ve got to break that custom. Because as a matter of fact, that is really… Read More

Smart Home Technology helps seniors and the disabled.

There are so many new technology devices now it’s hard to keep up.   Home technology can assist seniors and the disabled in ways you probably never considered.   This article from “The Reviews Insider” is all about this topic.  Go to this link to read it and be inspired.

Aging in Place. What every Senior should know.

Aging in place is the recent trend is for seniors to stay in their own homes as long as possible.  As the population ages, we are forced to think about what life will look like at age 75 and beyond. There is good advise and information in many places and here is one. Recently published on is a guide for “Aging in Place”. Go to the link below to read it.

Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate & communities

Each year the Global Wellness Institute does research on related topics in the field of wellness. On their web site I found this interesting information relating to real estate and lifestyle. Build Well to Live Well, is the report resulting from the first research to size and analyze the global and regional wellness lifestyle real estate and communities market. The 150+ page report finds that real estate and communities that intentionally put people’s health at the center of design, creation and redevelopment are the next frontier in residential real estate. From the report the following trends will shape the future… Read More

Drop in interest rates spurs activity

DROP in mortgage rates will prompt more sales. (From an article in Realtor Magazine, April,2019) According to a recent housing forecast, the plunge in interest rates will push the market for home loans to a new 14 year high. In the past month, mortgage rates have posted their biggest drop in a decade, according to Freddie Mac. The mortgage demand has reached its highest level since the fall of 2016 and is enticing more buyers into the real estate market. Mark Watson, director of forecasting for mortgage advisory firm iEmergent, predicts $1.2 trillion in home lending this year, which would… Read More

“Life Plan” the future of Senior Housing

A recent article from REALTOR MAGAZINE (a trade publication for Real Estate professionals) details how the changing demographics is affecting housing choices for seniors now and for the future. According to AARP’s Public Policy Institute, by the year 2030, 37% of the US population will be 65 years or older. What’s more, between now and 2050 the 85+ population is projected to triple while the population younger than 65 will increase by only 12%. Today many seniors are looking for a “Life Plan” in their housing needs. Decades ago there were few if any senior housing options. Currently senior housing… Read More